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ADCO - Total Market Predictor (TMP)
Computerized Targeted Marketing for Automobile Dealers

Boost showroom traffic
Sell more vehicles
Gain new and used vehicle market share

Maximize the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns with Total Market Predictor (TMP), an automotive information solution which uses highly accurate aggregated statistical models to help you confidently target your best prospects based on WHAT is likely parked in the garage; WHEN a household is in the market for a new or used vehicle; and HOW MUCH a household is likely to spend on its next vehicle purchase.

The TMP suite consists of three powerful categories: Garage Predictors, Purchase Predictors and Vehicle Budget Predictors.

TMP Garage Predictors
The truly qualified buyer is one who not only is in-the-market to buy, but also demonstrates an affinity for the brands of vehicles you sell. Garage Predictors is a series of highly accurate and efficient statistical models which enables you to make highly targeted selections to meet your specific needs.

TMP Purchase Predictors
Market timing is a critical element to the success of any direct marketing campaign. The offer will fall flat if a prospect isn’t ready to buy. Purchase Predictors enable you to choose from 19 categories to reach prospects who are up to eight times more likely to purchase a new or used vehicle, or a new or used vehicle in a specific segment.

TMP Vehicle Budget Predictors
Consisting of 10 vehicle budget categories, Vehicle Budget Predictors help you qualify a household based on how much they are likely to spend on their next vehicle purchase—an excellent complement to any automotive related list.

Marketing Utopia
When used in combination, Garage Predictors, Purchase Predictors and Vehicle Budget Predictors result in a truly powerful target marketing list.

For example, if you want to move a specific model of SUV, with TMP you can: identify those prospects ready to purchase a new full-size utility (Purchase Predictors), who likely currently own that brand of vehicle (Garage Predictors), who are likely to spend $40,000 on their next vehicle (Vehicle Budget Predictors). Now, it doesn’t get much better than this!

TMP Delivers
Every prospective buyer within your target market will receive a Premium Invitation with a compelling offer to come to your store. Each Premium Invitation includes Variable Data based on the prospective buyer’s information, your business information and approved offer/offers that you have chosen.

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